What to do with all of these cats???

Ugh.  So I have a small problem.  A small problem that has turned BIG!  Almost exactly a year ago a stray cat wandered up to my father in laws property.  We decided to help them out (BIG MISTAKE) and take the cat to the SPCA in Houston for them.  We already had 2 cats of our own and were not in the marker for a third.  Well we get to the SPCA and nope, they won’t take her.  They are at capacity they say.  Every place we called or went to was either closed or not taking any cats.  Unsure of what to do, we take her home and let her live on our back patio until we figure out what to do next.  We didn’t want to take her somewhere that had a chance of euthanizing her.  Turns out she was pregnant.  I do not know if she was pregnant when we got her or became pregnant afterwards.  So, we decide to keep her until she has the babies (still hadn’t found a place to take her anyways.).  She has 4 kittens.  Second huge mistake, I bring them inside to live and be protected from the dangers of outside.  It was disgusting.  Already had 2 cats inside.  Now we bring in a feral cat and her 4 kittens.  They almost died after birth, umbilical cords were knotted together.  Then the runt wasn’t eating so I had to buy formula and feet by bottle an syringe, along with help it poop and keep it on a heating pad.  Another had a skin infection.  Then a third had an inner ear infection preventing it from hold his head straight.  Had to bottle feed that guy for a few days and take him to the vet ($$$) a couple times for fluid shots.

We find homes for 2 of the 4 kittens.  We move to a new house.  At this point I do not let the cats inside of my house.  Shortly after we move, guess what??  Stray mama cat is pregnant again.  I know I know.  We should have gotten her fixed.  We were on a very tight budget at the time and in the middle of moving AND she was nursing her babies. I most certainly didn’t want to bottle feed a whole litter of kittens.  So she has a second litter. 3 kittens this time.  Unwilling to let her inside of my house we let them sleep in the garage at night so that large animals don’t eat the babies.  Gross.  Having 6 cats live in our garage, even if it was just at night was a really bad idea.  Still trying to find homes for these cats, mind you!  We are able to find homes for 2 of the new kittens.  So now 4 cats outside, living in our garage.   I have called multiple places, nobody says they will take cats.  Except somehow you see on the facebook pages of these locations that they are having tons of adoptions.  I even had a breakdown on the phone with the Houston SPCA one day when they refused to give me numbers to other local area shelters.

People this is exactly why animals are just dropped off on the side of the road!!  I would never do that but I totally understand why someone would.  We have been caring for all of these extra cats for nearly a year now.  And one of our original house was injured and had the have a leg amputated.  And a flea infestation last summer.  We have spent a ton of money on these cats.  They have got to go at this point.  Yesterday, we stopped letting them sleep in the garage at night.  It is ruining our garage and our life.  I don’t know what to do with them!  One side of me is saying “just take them to the dang animal shelter!”  But the other side of me is saying “they will be sad, and miss you and what if they get put to sleep or what if someone mean adopts them and blah blah blah.”  The last baby has a skin infection of sorts and the Humane Society won’t take her because of that.  I really don’t know what to do at this point.  As a cat lover it is a big deal to say “I don’t like cats right now”.  What would you do in this situation?  Pay to have them all fixed?  (currently 4) and keep them?  Or take them to a shelter (even if they kill)????    I have been keeping these cats for this long simply because I feel “bad” for them.  I am only really attached to one of them.   Is that really fair to the cats?  Shouldn’t they go to a home where they are loved to the max???  We cannot afford to take 6 cats to the vet for checkups!!  And flea treatments for 6 cats?!?


Please share any advice you may have.


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