It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall…

Well the weather has been cooling off around here for the past week or so.  It has been great.  Last week we actually went three whole days and nights without ever turning on the AC!!  How great is that!  Hopefully we will see some savings on our next bill. (yeah right.)

A lot of great things have been happening here lately.  My youngest, Jacob is now walking!  He took his first steps about a month ago…around 9mths old.  And now (10 months old tomorrow) he has starting walking A LOT.  He is so funny.  When he falls he gets so mad and starts grunting and screaming.

My middle child, Claire, has taken to the potty quite well in the past two days!  She hasn’t worn diaper for two whole days and has only had one accident!  I am so proud of her and sooo sooo excited to not have to change anymore diapers! (for her, at least.)

My oldest, Bradley is doing so good in school.  He has really grown an interest in writing.  He has been making lots of books and I just love looking at him and all the ways that he is spelling the words. I am impressed!
Here are some pictures of my precious babies!

I love this picture of Claire.  I love her feet in the flip flops.

Sweet baby Jacob.

Handsome Bradley.

Posts/Projects to look for:

A really cute Halloween pillowcase dress.

Chalkboard Jars

Halloween Decor in my house

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather and weekend!


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